General Contractor

General Contractor of Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Skid Steer Service

Big Country Builders offer light excavating using a 2005 New Holland skid steer loader.

Al has 30+ years of experience operating equipment in the construction industry.

Some of the services we offer using the New Holland skid steer:

Light Excavating - We offer lot and driveway clearing, finish grading, slab preparation, backfilling foundations, and just moving dirt or gravel where needed.

Brush & Root Grapple - With our root grapple attachment we can make quick work of brush clearing and small stump and rock removal. Also, logs can be moved quickly and efficiently.

Pallet Forks - We can move pallets of brick, block, and lumber up to 1500 lbs. with our pallet fork attachment.

Snow Removal - We can open up driveways and move large piles of snow in a hurry.

This list is not exclusive as there are many different attachments available for the skid steer.

We will be happy to give you a price quote. Please contact us for more information.